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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, also known as lokum, loqum is an old Turkish dessert tradition that requires mastery and is known as ‘’comfort to the throat.’’ The various flavors such as Pistachio, Pomegranate, Chocolate Covered, and aromas make this dessert one of the most popular choices for everyone.

Turkish Delight is Consumed Fondly All Over the World With its Flavor.

Our first priority is that it has anatural and very clean content, it is made from natural fruits grown in our region, we use plenty of nuts and all of them are fresh.

What makes a Turkish delight, halva or tahini good; Of course, it's skill and experience. Liu Loqum Atelier aims to encourage the society to live a healthier life by producing hygienically appropriate, quality and hygienic products. Believing that a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone, Liu Loqum Atelier draws its energy and enthusiasm from this belief.

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Authentic Turkish Delights MADE TURKIYE

Turkish Delight Surrounding the World

Turkish delight, which is consumed fondly all over the world with its flavor that envelops the palate, is a kind of dessert and an important reflection of Turkish cuisine culture.

Natural & Healthy Treat

Our authentic Turkish Delights filled with protein-rich nuts and fruits are the perfect complementary for coffee, tea, and even wine!

"A unique flavor integrity with the quality of Turkish delight."


"A healthy and delicious snack accompanies your coffee pleasure."